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Rules and Regulations

I. General Provisions
A. School related usage of district facilities takes priority over any other usage.
1. The district does not discriminate or deny access to facilities on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, 
gender identity, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, 
and/or veteran status.
2. The district provides equal access to its facilities for all youth groups listed in Title 36 of the United States 
Code, including scouting groups.
3. The district’s facilities shall be available for use by a community group or organization (hereafter 
collectively referred to as “group”) provided that:
a. The use of district facilities does not interfere with any school function or purpose.
b. The district shall incur no additional costs when renting its facilities. Where applicable, the rental 
coordinator will charge for the use of the facility as outlined in the Rental Fee Schedule.
c. Users must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, board policies, and district 
administrative procedures. 
4. The district reserves the right to preclude access to its facilities to any user that fails to adhere to federal, 
state or local law, board policy, district administrative procedures, or for any other rational and lawful 
B. Authorization for use of district facilities by a non-district group does not constitute an endorsement or approval 
of the activity, the group, its philosophies, or its policies. Similarly, a denial of use does not constitute a rejection 
of a group’s purposes.
II. Requests and Conditions for Use of Facilities
A. All requests to use a district facility, except high school facilities, must be directed to the rental coordinator, 
either by phone at 801.974.8367 or email at All requests to rent a high school facility 
should be directed to the high school’s athletic director.
B. All district facilities are rented “as is” and no additional furnishings will be provided. 
1. Facility Use Agreements include the use of normal furniture and large equipment which is usually assigned 
to that particular area of the building, e.g., a piano in the auditorium or multipurpose room. 
2. Users will be expected to provide and furnish their own expendable supplies and other ancillary 
equipment, e.g., trays, napkins, basketballs, volleyballs, etc.
C. The rental coordinator is responsible for scheduling and overseeing all facility use that is non-school related. At 
the superintendent’s discretion, the rental coordinator may also be directed to oversee some school related uses 
if facility and/or personnel costs are anticipated or actually incurred.
D. Upon receipt of a request to use a district facility, the rental coordinator must determine whether the requesting 
group is a for-profit or non-profit entity.

All requests for facility use are processed in the order they are received.
1. In order to accommodate school-related priorities, the district cannot process requests for facility use
received more than six months in advance of the requested use date.
2. In order to ensure that adequate time is allowed for scheduling, all requests for facility use should be 
received by the rental coordinator at least 20 business days prior to the requested use date.
F. A request will be denied if, in the judgment of the school principal, the school custodian, or the rental 
1. the necessary district employees are not available to be on the premises during the usage period; or 
2. the request is not made sufficiently far enough in advance of the requested usage date.
G. If the group desires to preview the facility, it must schedule an appointment with the rental coordinator in 
advance. Requesters may not go to any facility without an appointment.
H. District facilities are not available for use or rental:
1. after 11 P.M. on weekdays;
2. after midnight on Saturday and Sunday; or
3. for overnight stays.
I. Upon the rental coordinator’s approval and confirmation that the requested use can be accommodated by the 
district, the requester will be given:
1. a Facility Use Agreement;
2. an itemized billing statement;
3. a copy of the district’s rental rules and policies; and
4. a description of any applicable security requirements.
J. Insurance certificates, deposit, and rental charges are due 10 days prior to rental.
1. The Facility Use Agreement will be revoked if prepayment of all fees and evidence of security and 
insurance are not received by the specified date.
K. Only the superintendent can approve any deviations from the Rental Fee Schedule.
1. All requests for rental fee waivers must be sent to the superintendent with a copy to the executive 
director of auxiliary services.
a. All requests must be in writing and include a thorough explanation of the reason for the request.
L. School principals or school personnel are not authorized to make any changes to the Facility Use Agreement. All 
changes must be made through the rental coordinator.
M. The following specialized venues will not be available for use/rent:
1. computer labs;
2. science labs;
3. home economic labs;
4. auto shops and paint booths;
5. wood shops;
6. television studios; 
7. elementary school classrooms; and
8. any specialty rooms.
N. No storage facilities will be provided, or responsibility accepted, for any equipment or materials belonging to the 
group or organization using a facility.
O. Refreshments can be sold or consumed only in lobbies or cafeterias and require the prior approval of the rental 
P. Facilities must be left clean of all litter.
Q. Advertising associated with a rental agreement shall be permitted, but only during the time the user is renting
the facility, and then only in accordance with all applicable board policies and district administrative procedures.
III. Field and Gymnasium Rentals
A. School related uses have priority over non-school related use. 
1. Because school calendars are not typically finalized until the first week in August, all requests for field use 
during the months of August, September, and October will be scheduled on a tentative basis only.
2. Groups may be asked to accept alternate dates and/or field locations if a conflict with the school’s 
calendar arises.
B. High School Rentals
1. The athletic directors at each high school are responsible for renting their facilities in accordance with 
these procedures.
a. The athletic director should determine an appropriate process for accepting rental requests, 
including the method to be used, any deadlines that will be imposed, etc

A student youth recreation group whose participants are predominantly district students, i.e. more than 75
percent of the participants are currently enrolled in a district school, will be given preference over groups 
not meeting this threshold. 
3. Before allowing any group access to a high school facility, the school’s athletic director must:
a. obtain a copy of the group’s certificate of insurance if the group is a for-profit entity;
b. obtain and verify the group’s participant roster, if applicable;
c. complete, and have the group sign the district’s Facility Use Agreement; and
d. ensure that the appropriate deposit and payment for the particular rental, as outlined in the 
district’s Rental Fee Schedule, is paid to the high school treasurer.
i. The high school athletic director may not accept any rental monies; all groups must be 
directed to make payments to the high school treasurer to ensure proper accounting 
procedures are followed.
All these steps must be completed prior to the group using the facility.
4. Any ancillary requests such as lighting, modifications, striping, and/or sound booth access will be assessed 
a fee in accordance with the district’s Rental Fee Schedule.
a. If a group wishes to have a field striped or in any way modified, all such changes must be approved 
by both the executive director of auxiliary services and the affected school’s athletic director.
b. Once approved, all striping or modifications must be performed or supervised by the athletic 
director and high school staff, not the requesting group.
5. Both the district’s rental coordinator and each high school’s athletic director must ensure that field usage 
and availability is documented in a site-specific shared calendar. 
a. This calendar must be continuously updated so that information on field availability is always 
b. Athletic directors must enter information into the calendar regarding when the fields are going to be 
i. for school sponsored activities (USHAA team practices, games, etc.);
ii. for the youth recreation groups identified in Section III.B.2.; and/or
iii. for any other purpose.
c. Every entry on the calendar must identify the user of the field as a school user, a renter, or a youth 
recreation group identified in Section III.B.2.
6. Once a field has been calendared/rented for use by a particular non-school group, athletic directors may 
only alter that group’s scheduled use in the event of a conflicting school activity or emergency conditions, 
see Section V below.
7. At a minimum, once a year auxiliary services staff will meet with school staff to examine and assess the 
condition of the fields. 
a. When scheduling field usage, principals and athletic directors must accept responsibility for 
assessing the impact of increased usage on the condition of their fields.
8. The athletic director must submit a quarterly report to the business administrator which includes a list of 
the renters for that month, copies of the Facility Use Agreements, and an accounting of the fees collected. 
C. Elementary and Middle School Gymnasium and Other Field Rentals
The procedures outlined below must be followed for rentals of all elementary and middle school fields and 
1. Submission of requests for field or gymnasium rentals must be submitted in accordance with the following 
a. All rental requests must be in writing and include:
i. the date and time of the requested rental(s);
ii. the requester’s contact information, including phone number, address, and email address.
iii. type of intended use;
iv. school name and field desired. Requester should include a minimum of three choices, ranked 
in order of preference; and
v. an indication of whether the majority of requester’s participants are district students. 
b. The executive director of auxiliary services will hold a lottery on the days specified below. Rental 
requests will be accepted at any time up until the close of business on the Monday of the week 
prior to the lottery.
i. For fall season rentals, the lottery will be held on the last Monday in April if needed.
ii. For winter season rentals, the lottery will be held on the first Monday in July if needed.
iii. For spring season rentals, the lottery will be held on the last Monday in September if needed.
iv. For summer season rentals, the lottery will be held on the last Monday in January if needed

Requests may be made through email, U.S.P.S., or hand-delivery.
d. Rental requests will be processed through an open lottery system.
i. The lottery will be held at a public meeting; the date, time, and location of the lottery will be 
announced at least one week in advance.
ii. Rental requests will be fulfilled in accordance with the lottery results.
e. If a conflict arises, rental requests by groups consisting of 75 percent of district students shall be 
given priority over other requesting groups.
f. The district will make every effort to maximize the utilization of all fields in order to meet the needs 
of the requesting groups.
i. When possible, recreation groups are encouraged to meet together and coordinate their 
respective seasonal schedules so that all groups can be accommodated